Selling Your Car? Tips On How To Get The Best Price

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When the time comes to sell your car, you will need to use every advantage you can to get the best price. There are plenty of good used cars available to buyers so you need to make your car the most appealing in order to find a buyer willing to pay what your car is worth. You should be honest in your approach, but that does not mean you should not maximize the potential price you receive for your vehicle.

The Mindset of a Dealer

In order to get the best possible price for you car, you need to think like a car dealer. Any used car salesman will tell you that the look of a vehicle is the most important factor in determining the selling price. Of course, the place to start is with the vehicle’s book value and overall condition, but these factors are only part of the formula determining the selling price of your car.

Clean Up Your Act

The first thing to do is be sure your car is as clean as possible. Vacuum the interior thoroughly and consider shampooing if needed. Wash and wax the exterior. You might even consider going to a professional cleaning service to be sure the job is done to the highest possible standard. Shining that diamond in the rough is a great start on the path to a maximum selling price.

Repair the Small Things

Once your car is cleaned up, you will need to fix any small defects that detract from the value. Things like minor scratches, small dents, burnt out lights and so forth can make it seem a vehicle has not been cared for even though major maintenance issues may have always been rigorously addressed and all necessary repairs promptly made. You do not want repairs to become a major expense, but if a few small fixes can make the car more attractive, you should definitely make that investment.

Know What Your Vehicle Is Worth

Knowing the value of your car is more than simply looking it up in a price guide. The price will depend in part on the condition of the car. Be honest when deciding on your car’s condition, but at the same time do not sell the car short. Check multiple guides online to get a better idea of what your asking price should be. Remember to include any options as these can often greatly affect value.

Presentation Is the Key to a Great Ad

Once you know your asking price, you will need to create a great ad that focuses on the positive aspects of your vehicle. Be sure to highlight any of the options that added significantly to the value of the car, but also mention options that may be standard in most modern automobiles like cruise control and anti-lock brakes. Be sure the ad is clearly written and easy to understand with no spelling or grammatical errors. Use only abbreviations that are commonly known or that are widely used in the publication or on the website where you are placing the ad.

Photos Can Make the Sale

If you are able to include photos, the first photo should be taken from the front on the driver’s side showing the front of the vehicle and the driver’s side. The second photo should be taken from the rear on the passenger side so that in two photos the entire exterior of the car is displayed. If more photos can be added, get wide shots of the interior followed by detailed shots of any special features.

Highlight the Good Points

It is very important that the most attractive features of the vehicle are highlighted. Consider using bullet points or bold print to make these selling points stand out. If the advertisement you are placing does not allow text formatting, then emphasize these key points early in the ad.

Document Maintenance and Repair

Hopefully you have kept good maintenance records and receipts for repairs. If you do not have this, check with your repair facility and see what information they can provide. Be sure to have this available for potential buyers. Being able to show that a car has been faithfully maintained and repairs were done by accomplished mechanics can go a long way in giving a buyer confidence in the quality of your automobile.

Finding the Right Buyer

Once you are getting calls on your car, you will want to screen potential buyers. While you do not want to turn away a legitimate party truly interested in finding a quality automobile, you will want to avoid extremely difficult buyers who may be impossible to please, buyers who do not have a serious interest in purchasing a vehicle and anyone who is simply looking for something other than what you have to offer. Weeding out those who are not serious buyers can save valuable time that can be spent on those who are truly interested.

Showing Your Vehicle

When you have found a likely buyer and they wish to see the car, be sure you have taken all the steps necessary to make your vehicle look its best. Just as with the ad you prepared, presentation is critical when showing your car. Be willing to allow test drives though you may want to accompany drivers both to answer questions and protect yourself from reckless driving. Consider meeting at an auto repair shop in case the buyer has questions requiring an answer that a mechanic might be able to provide.

Be Willing To Negotiate

When you price your car, you should choose the highest price you hope to get, not the lowest price you are willing to take. Buyers expect prices to be negotiable so it pays to allow some room for haggling. While being flexible is highly recommended, if you are not willing to negotiate, you should state this in your ad to save both you and potential buyers from wasting time.

Know the Steps for Closing the Deal

Once you have found a buyer, you will need to take certain steps to legally transfer ownership to the buyer. To make the sale go smoothly, you should check with your state’s motor vehicle agency beforehand so that you will know what needs to be done, what fees might be involved and where you need to go to transfer the vehicle. Regulations vary by state, so do not assume you know the procedure if you have sold a car in another state or even if you have sold one in your current state unless if was very recently since laws can change quickly.

If successfully finding a buyer willing to pay a fair price who will be happy with your vehicle is your goal, then following these tips should make selling your car a breeze. Remember to treat buyers fairly while still presenting your vehicle in the best possible light. Selling a car does not have to be a difficult chore when you are properly prepared.